You can master all three methods of ZEN Breathing; in lying, seated, and standing position, at home, or wherever you are!

Am I doing abdominal breathing correctly?

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Lying Seated Standing

Lying ZEN Breathing, Seated ZEN Breathing, and Standing ZEN Breathing

This is a set of 3 videos to master ZEN Breathing in each posture.
You can watch whenever you want, and as much as you want.

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Lying ZEN Breathing

Lying ZEN Breathing

Let’s start with the basics. You might find it difficult to loosen your body if you are standing.
Before starting ZEN Breathing, we need to adjust the posture and mind, which is why mastering the basics is so important. Those suffering from sleeping problems will especially benefit by taking a lying down position whilst carrying out ZEN Breathing.
By practicing ZEN Breathing in the lying position, you will be able to do this every day before you go to sleep. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself naturally falling asleep during ZEN Breathing.

If you struggle to fall asleep, experience poor quality sleep, or tend to wake up often, the problem may be with your breathing.
By continuing to practice ZEN Breathing to fall asleep, you should sleep deeper and wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Seated ZEN Breathing

Seated ZEN Breathing

If you have mastered ZEN Breathing in a seated position, it is time to try the standing position. There are a few techniques involved to master abdominal breathing in a standing position, which will eventually lead to breathing well all day long without even thinking. At this point, abdominal breathing is carried out with a tight stomach and a calm heart, resulting in a powerful body and mind.

These videos are intended for those who are interested in the ZEN Breathing Method, or for those who wish to improve their health forever, regardless of age or gender. ZEN Breathing Method will change your body and mind from the moment you start, and your own body will also thank you for it.

Standing ZEN Breathing

Standing ZEN Breathing

If you master how to ZEN Breathing in seated position, we will finally learn the standing position.
We need to learn a few techniques to master abdominal breathing in standing position.
Learning abdominal breathing in standing position means we could breathe well all day long without even thinking.

If you reach this point, you could do abdominal breathing with tight stomach and calm heart.
The most powerful body and mind are almost at hand.

This video is tended for those who are interested in ZEN Breathing Method, or for those who wish to release bad health conditions.
Watching this video repeatedly, you will be able to be free from bad health conditions, and to feel that your health can improve foreverRegardless of age, or gender, ZEN Breathing Method will change your body and mind the minute you start, and you will be so thankful to your own body.

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